I'm In A Band

 As some of you may already know, blogging and youtubing isn't my only venture. Music has been a part of my life... forever. In some manner I have performed from an early age and writing music I'd say was my release from reality. 

Youtubing and blogging, sure it's fun, it's what I do day to day, however put me infront of a mic and I'll be in my element. I'll be somewhere where I feel I truly belong. It fills me with confidence, pride and makes me feel free. 

Box of Light started about two years ago as a 5 piece, we toured the country at various festivals over the summer months, we released a few singles and videos, moved into a huge house together which was a creative hub for months. It then came to a point where most of the band members needed to set sail on their own, to pursue life. Me and Conor wanted the Box of Light saga to continue, the flame hadn't burnt out for us, in fact we were both brimming with new ideas and just couldn't say goodbye. Adam, our guitar player, lives really far away, he still plays with us live, but all the writing and other leg work it left to me and Conor Babes.
After writing a 5 track EP together then going on a 7 day UK tour, myself and Conor's passion and dedication was not done in vain. This for us was our much needed reboot. Swirling surf rock, 70s psychedelic and elements of 50s doo-wops and our love for the summer months created a strong cocktail of sound that we are so proud of!
The personal struggle that I am facing however is separating youtube from my music, it can happen too easy that people assume we are a youtube band. No offence to youtube musicians, but we like to do things differently, or should I say more traditionally. I admit in the past some of my ideas that involved youtube were probably not the best, but its sort of like mixing work with your social life. You like separation because it it gives you different outlets to go down. We pride ourselves on being totally DIY and somewhat analogue (well literally, we recorded our EP onto tape).
We have finished our EP titled ' Gone forever' and its available to buy on Itunes. If you click the big snazzy pic below it will take you straight there. I want to thank Ollie for these amazing Images and Paige for designing our Ep Cover. 

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Styling A Long Fringe

 Having a long grown out fringe can be an utter pain in the arse. Your stuck in limbo, do I let it grow, or do I chop it off? Letting it grow will continue the inconvenience, but the results will end in freedom, eventually resulting in you deciding to chop it off again, but cutting will again give you some style, however its the fringe thing again, it must at all times be groomed, do you want that commitment? 

Here are a couple of style that will cushion the situation and probably help you make a decision as one gets rid of the fringe, and the other accepts and utilises it. 

For the first you will need some straighteners and hairspray, easy. 
The idea being is to poker straigten your hair, middle part it, then with fingers tips give it a ruffle and middle part your fringe, for a shaggy 70s swept over look. Use the hair spray to set it in place to avoid it poking you in the eye. But make the fringe at one with the rest of your hair. 
 The next one is my favoruite. It has a 50s pin up vibe to it. using a curling wand, bobby pin and some oil spray, the idea is pin curl the fringe. So wrap it entirely around the curler, pull the tong out and pin it usung the bobby pin and leave it to cool. Whilst it is cooling curl the rest of the hair.

 Then when all hair is curled, gently pull out the pin in the fringe and give it a gentle brush, then poke it in on itself so it remains rounded and, well, fringey. Use oil spray to make it look sleek and then use hairspray to set. 
 If you want to see it better, then click the video below. Thanks for reading!

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How To Change Your Facebook Page Name

 Whether you are a blogger, buisness owner, musician, celebrity or just a person with a fan page, there may be a possibility that you no longer want to go by the name you previously had. For example, my internet name was Melon Lady for ages. It was ok to begin with and I definitely had a brand, however as I got older I found it got more cringeworthy by the day. Melon is my nickname, it always has been, but naming my 'business' if that's what you want to call it, followed by lady.....yuk. My dad calls me Melon for christ's sake and I wanted to have a reputation for being somewhat cool, and that name had to go. 

One of the troubles I faced was the fact that my Facebook page was one of my biggest social platforms with about 380k likes. I couldn't find a way to change it because A. I had over 200 likes and B. There's a possibility I did change it in the past. And Facebook says that you cant change you name if you are a victim of both these reasons. 

So I bit the bullet and started from scratch, I made a new page. I advertised the new page on my old page, and encouraged people to like it as I would no longer be posting on the old one. I switched all my linked social media accounts to it, Instagram, twitter youtube etc. And I posted on it daily.

I then found a very interesting article one day on 'Merging' your Facebook page. It said you can transfer all your facebook likes from a previous page to a new one, on the condition you loose all the content (from the old page). Almost choking on my coffee at the thought of just witnessing a miracle, I looked up into this merging business.

It was true! Facebook says:
 "If you're an admin of both Pages, you may be able to merge them. This option is only available for Pages that represent the same thing and have similar names."

I decided to do it. I merged my page.
To do this you need to :

1. Click this link here.
2. Select the page you want to keep
3. Select the page you want to merge into it.
4. Wait.

Facebook will email you to the email account linked to your Facebook acknowledging your request. Most likely if it is a fan page and represents, well you, then you will be able to do it. You just have to wait 14 days for it to process, then boom, you're new page will have all your old like (minus the spam pages). Then you can carry on as though nothing happened.

I hope that was helpful!

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Tattoo Aftercare

Tattoo after care is one of those things that you just cant get right (apparently). Whether your artist tells you one way, but another says another, or your friends are telling you how they did it, you can just get yourself into a muddle. I say as long as you're not doing it completely wrong, then it is honestly each to their own. Obviously some methods are genuinely going to be better for you than others, however, we all have different skin types and lifestyles, so it's best to do whats right for you. 

I have 7 separate tattoos and then one sleeve, that I have collected over 7 years and have been tattooed by various different people, so I guess I have some experience. I thought I would write this blog post as I am currently in the middle of getting my sleeve finished, so this subject is very current for me and I feel like it hasn't been covered much by bloggers. So here we go. 

As mentioned, it varies from person to person, but generally, this is my typical tattoo aftercare procedure:

1. Your tattoo artist will normally wrap it up in cling film, this is to keep it safe on your journey home. Some suggest keeping it on only for a few hours, some say keep it on as long as you can, I however take it off when I get home, give it a little gentle wash (splash water it over it under a warmish tap, then gently pat with a clean towel) then just before bed I'll wrap it up again.
2. The next morning, unwrap the throbbing beast and give it another little clean. If its swollen (which it most probably will be) you can take some ibuprofen if its really getting to you, this might also help with the pain.

3. After you have unwrapped and cleaned it, I would start using a cream to aid the healing process. A tattoo is an open wound essentially so keeping it clean and using products that encourage healing is really important. My tattoo artists have recommended cocoa butter, Bepanthan and tattoo cream (the stuff they sell in the studio). I have tried all of these and they all work great! I however have favoured using Dream Cream from Lush. It's packed with oils and butters and is recommended to use of skin thats in a bad way. Its ingredients encourage healing and its really nourishing for the skin.  But each to their own, its about finding a product that is good for you.

4. Make sure you use your selected product at least twice a day. If possible, take some with you when you go to work, school or adventuring in your bag. You want to keep it topped up so it doesn't dry out. But make sure you don't drench it in product and that it is properly applied and rubbed in. The next step is the scabbing...
5. After a few days, you'll notice the bane of tattoos, the scabbing. Itchy, grose and kind of embarrassing (this is the point that you don't want to show people your new tattoo because it doesn't looks it's best). But it's important you really keep it moisturised, this is where I recommend the cocoa butter and to really resist the urge to pick. DO NOT PICK. It will also start to itch, do not itch, if anything, give it a gentle slap, or smoother some cream on to relieve it. 

6. You might also find that when its under hot water in the shower or bath, some of the thinner scabbing (like the peel you get from sun burn) will really soften in the water and gently massaging in a circular motion with detach this without causing any damage. That's what I've found anyway. If it starts to hurt, stop, this means its still quite attached.

7. After 7-14 days, your tattoo should all be cleared up and looking lovely! Remember to keep it moisturised even after healing as you want it to look vibrant and brand new all the time. 

I hope this was helpful! Thanks for reading.

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Weekly Round Up #1

I've decided to start participating in weekly round ups each sunday (hopefully). To look back on my week via instagram and talk about it. Just so I can put my life into perspective and also use this is as some sort of diary. So welcome. 

First up, I bought a bike! I have been loving riding my Pendleton so much, for the exercise, commuting and just for fun | We tried Japanese candy for a video you can see here | I filmed a music video for Box of Light in a very interesting location | Loving my new skinny dip ipad case, you know me, I'm all about the tropical vibes | One of my all time fave online stores Gypsy Warrior sent me some gifts including this awesome illustration | Lusting over this antler ring from Druzy Dreams!

Lola being queen again, whilst Barney goes to work with Matthew (he's becoming a big boy) | Taking the fitness thing seriously now, I've been gymming nearly every day this week | With exercise comes clean eats too, omelette roll and mango | Then these fun chilli lettuce bowls | Sunday Birthday fun at Jimmy's farm delicious foods and cute farm animals, and butterflies! 
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My Pendleton

Spring is here in full swing, it's beautiful. The feeling of needing to be outdoors is itching away and relying on my car to get around was starting to become a little bit disappointing (don't get me wrong, I love my car).  I also have this " I hate exercising in gym" thing, I feel like integrating exercise in everyday life is the way forward, I mean I got to the gym but very begrudgingly. So what could solve all these minor annoyances, but a bike!
I went for a Pendleton, of course! With an vintage inspired look yet built to perform, my gorgeous mint green Somerby Pendleton is now my favourite thing. Brown leather seat and handles, a subtle gear change and basket ready, this hides modern pleasures with its nostalgic charm. 
An absolute delight to ride once you get into it. The handle bars are quite wide, making turning a little unnerving and it is quite a heavy bike, but to be honest I haven't rode a bike in years, so I was bound to be rusty. But after a few trips out, me and my Pendleton are best friends.
What I love about the Pendleton range is the available accessories too. So I may already have the basket and will be getting a satchel for the back, but you can also get Pendleton lights, which also look vintage. I didn't' get the lights, purely because I wanted something that would have an easy quick release for when I chain it up in the city centre and want to loose the risk of them being stolen. However if you're not impatient like me and want to go all out, I highly recommend.
As part of my get into shape plan, I'm going to cycle everywhere as much as I can and also take it out on leisurely rides with friends. Due to the nature of my job which is predominantly sitting on my bum, I want to use my beautiful bike as an escape, for fresh air and obviously to get the body working. I'm still so chuffed with it and I cant wait for more adventures (just not uphill). 

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