My Permanent Travel Bag

I’m a girl that likes to get about, whether for fun or for work, travelling is something I do A LOT. To save myself time and stress, I tend to…


Styling Culottes

Loosing my Summer Self Conciouness

The New Hair

My Feel Free Experience #AD

This post is an advertisement in collaboration with Danone Light* & Free I’m a big fan of spontaneity, most of my crazy ideas are induced when I’m listening to uplifting songs from one…

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Spoiling Yourself is Not a bad thing.

That Jacket

Why the internet is making us sad.

Slouchin’ around town

Comfort is my thing. Gone are the days of slouchy, baggy clothes being deemed as far too casual to leave the house in. My latest Topshop purchases (one of which…


My 2016 BEST moments

A Jager Skate

Why the Blog has been quiet…