I trashed my wedding dress

So I trashed my wedding dress.  It’s ripped stained and FILTHY! I even found a clump of my hair round one of the pearl fastenings. My maid of honour informed…


Life online.

Be Bold

How to Nail a Summer Garden Party – Ad

The Gucci bag of dreams

I’m a very comfortable high street shopper. I can shop in store or online willy nilly and not bat an eyelid. The thought of shopping designer goods however makes me…


My Gumtree Winner!

My Permanent Travel Bag

Styling Culottes

Loosing my Summer Self Conciouness

Recently I popped across the Atlantic to visit the heavenly state of California for a couple of days in LA and then of course…. for Coachella. I learnt a few…


The New Hair

My Feel Free Experience #AD

Spoiling Yourself is Not a bad thing.