The New Hair

I held off writing about the new ‘do for a while, I wanted to wait and get a feel for them so I could give a more honest and accurate…

My Feel Free Experience #AD

Spoiling Yourself is Not a bad thing.

That Jacket

Why the internet is making us sad.

We all know how the amazing the internet is, I wouldn’t be sitting here typing this up in my house if it wasn’t for what the internet has brought me.…


Slouchin’ around town

My 2016 BEST moments

A Jager Skate

Why the Blog has been quiet…

The next train to leave the station on platform 6 is the 15.58 to Exuseville. Well I better board! All jokes aside, the blog has been looking a little bit…


Upcycling with Gumtree

Why I love Vinyl

Wardobe Staples with LUISAVIAROMA