My Gumtree Winner!

You may have remembered that a few months back, I took on an upcycling challenge from Gumtree, to transform some pieces of furniture into eye catching statement pieces for the up and coming man cave we will be making from our garage. Not only was I to upcycle furniture for me, but I was also to upcycle some for YOU.

The idea was to get my followers jumping on the upcycling wagon, or to show me something that they’ve already created with a purchase from Gumtree by hashtagging their piece with #GotItOnGumtreeHA. As its a place where you can find pretty much anything, for any kind of budget, it was a fun and creative task for folks to get involved in.

So after the coffee table, bookcase case and trunk came the table lamp. It was old and rusty, no light bulb and was plain black – it looked like something my grandad would of had hiding at the back of his garage. After I cleaned it up, I wanted to create something that was on trend and eye catching.

All it took after a reasonable amount of cleaning and using sandpaper to roughen the edges slightly was some rose gold metallic spray, which I used to spray the whole thing. I added a light bulb which was an old style Edison bulb – these are everywhere in interiors at the moment. I made sure the lamp was really on trend yet statement enough to be timeless.

When picking a competition winner, I picked Ellis as I loved what she did with the chair. It had sentiment but she completely gave it a face with the abstract shapes and the use of somewhat retro colours. She said:

‘Bought this rocking chair from a lovely old man off Gumtree. It was his late wife’s favourite seat to sit in while watching the TV with a cuppa. He wanted someone to take it and do something nice with it, instead of it ending up in a skip. So I up-cycled it as part of a project for my uni course. When I went to pick the chair up their house was full of lilac stuff. So I wanted to use lilac as one of the main colours when up-cycling the rocking chair. I’m hoping to use it as part of my graduation show this summer’.

I loved what she did with the furniture and really got a feel for what gumtree can offer, but also what it can inspire you to do. Hope you enjoy the Lamp Ellis!



  1. 18th August 2017 / 10:29 am

    That lamp came out awesome!!

    I love upcycling. I think everyone should try it – it saves you so much money and you have the added smugness with “I did that”.

    Laura ¦

  2. Olivia
    14th September 2017 / 2:26 pm

    Love what you did with the lamp!

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