Be Bold

I know that autumn is drawing in and admittedly these photos were taken on a slightly more summery day, however, the weather doesn’t need to dictate the colours we wear.

As being a fan of monochrome and the dark side of life, I found it pretty alien injecting bright colours into my wardrobe, but it only took one thing to change all that. Since going deeper with my purple hair, I discovered (and you may have noticed by now lol) that I am obsessed with pairing it up with mustard or golds. This was the first step. I bought blouses, shoes, accessories and jackets in mustard, I couldn’t get enough. Then started with complimenting this even further with sparks of bright pink. Then before I knew it, using colour was easy and satisfying.

Using bright colours or bold patterns for your stand out or staple piece doesn’t need to be scary or hard. Just find something loud in my case these gorgeous silk palazzo trousers from Topshop and start from there. I love the colour and the floral pattern, but I’m also obsessed with this shape. From here a basic t-shirt or cami works perfectly as I didn’t want to take the glory from the trousers. Then another jet of colour to compliment the yellow is my magenta/ purple Marmont Gucci bag.

I would usually make the bag the statement on its own as its such a vivid colour, but the yellow was crying out for a friend. Using this as an example, once you get used to colour, its then easy to start adding more colours that compliment each other. For someone that always feels a staple needs to be black, it kind of feels like getting over an addiction, allowing more colour into my life.

But not only colour, prints, bold prints can really inject some life into a look. You might only need one item to do so, but it makes so much difference. Whether its floral, animal or even pattern, big bold patterned trousers or shoes are something not to be scared of. They’re exciting and somewhat the easy way to make a look look the extra mile.

I’ve always been big fan or animal print, I have tonnes of shoes, coats and bags, infact leopard print trousers are a hell yeah. Thats likely because animal print itself was a bit of a stable for those that were a little emo back in the day. So now trying floral, stripes and other shapes more boldly is new for me, but I see the advantages, its so easily eye catching.

So if your a little bit goff or scared of being bold with your colours or looks, don’t be. Take baby steps to begin with. Once you start you’ll keep adding and exploring and it is so much fun.

Photos are by Katie



  1. 19th September 2017 / 1:10 pm

    I don’t think the purse distracts too much because it matches perfectly with your hair. It becomes less visually demanding this way since it so nicely blends. But you nailed it, head to toe. And bright colours 100% suit you. I like this even better than your regular outfits (which I usually love anyway). It’s just genuinely flawless. Very well balanced and nothing too over or under stated.

  2. 19th September 2017 / 2:37 pm

    That bag and your hair look amazing together! I saw the vlog where you took that photo, amazing you found that yellow vw, you look so good!

    The Quirky Queer

  3. 19th September 2017 / 8:49 pm

    When I shop for clothes, I think “what would Helen wear” as a challenge to myself to be more bold & daring with my wardrobe. I’m trying to branch out from the ol’ jeans & a sweater or tee. I even wore a jumpsuit the other day… :o

  4. Martha
    23rd September 2017 / 4:40 pm

    This outfit and these pictures are fantastic. And I absolutely LOVE the picture of you looking over your shoulder, absolutely gorgeous! xx

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