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With late summer being abnormally hot this year and yet the combined looming fear of it drawing to a close,  I thought it was time to make the most of the sunshine and my new garden with an epic summer party. With the excuse also of it being my mum’s birthday I cracked open the lemonade and wacked the tunes on.

The first step of a successful garden party is the look. For bright summery colourful surroundings, I opted for some pom poms in teal and pink that I hooked onto festoon lights that hung above the garden seating area, along with loads of balloons filled with helium, I mean who doesn’t love balloons?

This was great for pops of colour all around and also looked like a great backdrop in photos. The ‘wows’ from the party guests when they arrived also made it evident that it looked great. I also brought out some bright coloured pillows for extra comfort and aesthetic, then decorated the table with a funky table cloth and a vase of flowers.

FOOD! We opted for something that you could prepare in the morning, so when it was party time, it was a case of just serving it up.

I went for pulled pork in brioche buns with side salads and potatoes which was delish. Then for desert I made my own yogurt fruit sundaes (with a little naughty bit of chocolate) using Light and Free.

I grabbed some sundae glasses, chopped up some strawberries and raspberries, put small handfuls of chocolate in each then topped it off with some Light and Free. I used the Raspberry and the Coconut flavours (the Coconut one is new, how exciting!). These refreshing, colourful and not TOO naughty puds went down super well amongst the ladies. Winner!

Lastly, the most important aspect of a garden party is the music. I created a versatile summer playlist on spotify that has a selection of summery beachy surf tunes from my favourite bands to set the summery scene, but most importantly, I also intwined some classics that people could sing along to. Its always great when we all start to notice familiar melodies and before you know it every one is bursting out in song. My favourite part is watching the mums dancing on the grass barefoot, drink in hand, just having a wonderful time.

I personally believe its not a party without a decent playlist, or music at all. To me its SO important to have something to sit back and just feel free under the summer sun.

A successful summer party is easier then you think. Some pretty eye catching surroundings, good feel free tunes and some easy but yummy food is the secret! If you want to hear my summer playlist, you can check it out HERE on the light and free hub so you can boogie down in the garden along side me.





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  1. Kajsa Lindqvist
    10th September 2017 / 2:57 am

    Hi Helen! I’ve been traveling Asia the last five months and totally missed the Swedish summer. Next year though, I’m going all in for the summer garden party. Could you possible share your Spotify? Or some lists at least? The music is one of my favourite things about your vlogs, and since your write about it here. I thought I could ask! Big love, Kajsa

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